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tnMoldToolDieToday's mold, tool and die customers demand products that will reliably perform increasingly complex tasks. To answer competitive challenges, manufacturers need them quickly--and delivered within budget. SolidWorks software provides the full range of integrated modeling, simulation, visualization, and communication tools that manufacturers need to design better products faster--and at lower cost.

Learn how to import, design, and modify plastic parts in SolidWorks, and how to quickly and easily create mold cavities, assemblies, and drawings.



Fogg Filler
Fogg Filler - Filling the need for more complex machine designs with SolidWorks
When companies need to efficiently fill and cap containers with fluids, industry leaders turn to Fogg Filler for proven automation solutions. Fogg Filler manufactures some of the best-performing rotary filling systems available. To respond to increasing market demands, the company decided to upgrade to a 3D design platform.
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Monarch Hydraulics
Monarch Hydraulics, Inc. - SolidWorks Software Helps Monarch Hydraulics Bring Raw Power to Heavy Equipment
"The Monarch engineering team has doubled its productivity in the three years since it switched to SolidWorks, which is critical for our global competitiveness." -- Nathan Garrett, Designer
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Besser mold
Besser Company significantly compressed its mold design cycle by standardizing on SolidWorks to streamline machine engineering process.
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