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A free* 2D CAD product that lets you create, edit and view DWG files.

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*Stand-alone license. Activation required.

DraftSight is a professional-grade, open 2D CAD product for users who want a better way to read, write and share DWG files. DraftSight is easy to use and is available for professional CAD users, students and educators to download and activate for free. Based on advanced architecture, DraftSight has a small footprint, should take less that a few minutes to download, and runs on multiple operating systems, including Windows XP®, Windows Vista® and Windows® 7.

DraftSight enables you to open files from any version of AutoCAD and save files to any version of AutoCAD. This capability allows those who do not want to change the version of AutoCAD they are using, but who might encounter problems with vendors or suppliers who use different versions of DWG data. The ability to open DWG files without regard for the DWG version helps win business and save time.

DraftSight screen shot
DraftSight work area
DraftSight product shot
DraftSight Mouse Gesture Widget
DraftSight product shot
DraftSight Layer Manager Dialog

Download the free software and start working with your DWG files. Then start sharing, connecting and interacting with the SwYm DraftSight™ community members. Public beta now available.

DraftSight swYm community

Moving to 3D Design–It’s Not That Hard
Have you ever gotten a call from your machine shop pointing out an error in a drawing; or even worse, received parts back from the shop only to discover an error that was overlooked? One of the major benefits of 3D CAD is that it lets you check for form, fit and function before spending a dime to manufacture parts.

Moving to 3D is easier than you think. SolidWorks software allows you to preserve the value of your 2D DWG data with the best available tools for converting data from 2D to 3D, accommodating reusable 2D geometry, and enabling a smooth transition–including extensive help documentation for AutoCAD users.

Moving from 2D to 3D: Learn More in SolidWorks Help
See how you can automate the creation of drawings, and automatically check designs for common errors and auto-updates while you work. You'll work more efficiently while eliminating manual errors. For more infomation, visit http://www.draftsight.com/.