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SolidWorks Productivity Tools

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SolidWorks Productivity Tools Step-By-Step

Productivity Tools Self-Paced Learning Guide

A self-study guide to improving your productivity with SolidWorks® software. Learn the fundamentals of SolidWorks Productivity Tools at your own speed, and become more productive using Design Tables, FeatureWorks®, SolidWorks Utilities, and SolidWorks Toolbox®.


  • Unlock the full power of SolidWorks design tools with the helpful instructions and tips available only from technical training experts on staff with SolidWorks Corporation.
  • Build your skills and confidence quickly with 16 easy-to-understand tutorials and practice exercises, each building upon the previous lesson.
  • Reinforce your new skills with the accompanying CD, which features time-saving project files for tutorials and practice exercises.
  • Learn at your own pace - review each lesson as often as you want or quickly move on to the next lesson.
  • Follow along with more than 475 full-color images and screen captures that serve as easy-to-understand visual cues.

Prerequisites: SolidWorks Essentials: Parts and Assemblies

Available from DASI Solutions. Click HERE to order.

The topics covered in this guide are:

Chapter 1: Introduction
About This Book
What are Design Tables?
What is the FeatureWorks® software?
What is the SolidWorks Toolbox software?
What is the SolidWorks Utilities software?
Starting FeatureWorks®, Toolbox and Utilities
Getting Help
Chapter 2: Using Design Tables and Equations
Equations and Design Tables
Stages in the Process
Case Study: Spindle
Link Values
Renaming Dimensions and Features
Design Tables in a Part
Parameters and Relationships
Creating Additional Configurations
Design Table in Drawings
Chapter 3: Assembly Design Tables
Assembly Equations and Design Tables
Case Study: Ladder
Equations in the Assembly
Design Tables in the Assembly
Reading Configuration Information into the Design Table
Chapter 4: FeatureWorks® Introduction
What is FeatureWorks®?
Importing the Geometry
Case Study: Automatic Recognition
The FeatureWorks PropertyManager
Automatic Feature Recognition
The FeatureWorks Process
Interactive Feature Recognition
Case Study: Interactive Recognition
Intermediate PropertyManager
Case Study: Interactive Recognition
Pattern Recognition
Editing After Recognition
Chapter 5: FeatureWorks® Using Volume Features
Volume Features
Case Study: Volume Features
Chapter 6: Using SolidWorks® Utilities
What are the SolidWorks Utilities?
SolidWorks Utilities Tools
Compare Features
Case Study: Compare Features
Compare Geometry
Case Study: Compare Geometry
Compare BOM
Case Study: Compare BOM
Geometry Analysis
Case Study: Geometry Analysis
Find, Modify, Suppress and Simplify
Case Study: Find and Modify Feature
Power Select
Case Study: Power Select
Thickness Analysis
Case Study: Thickness Analysis
Symmetry Check
Case Study: Symmetry Check
Replace Annotation
Case Study: Replace Annotation
Feature Paint
Case Study: Feature Paint
Chapter 7: Using SolidWorks® Toolbox
What is SolidWorks® Toolbox?
Case Study: Configure Toolbox
Configuring Toolbox
Standards and Components
The Toolbox Browser
Adding Toolbox Components Manually
Case Study: Adding Toolbox Components Manually
Case Study: Resizing Toolbox Components
Patterning Toolbox Components
Case Study: Patterning Toolbox Components
Adding Multiple Components with Smart Fasteners
Case Study: Using Smart Fasteners
Editing Toolbox Components
Creating Custom Standards
Case Study: Creating Custom Standards
Configuring Individual Parts
Add to Library
Case Study: Add to Library

Chapter 8: Other SolidWorks® Toolbox Options
Other SolidWorks Toolbox Options
3D ContentCentral®
Case Study: User Library
Structural Steel
Case Study: Using the Structural Steel Tool
Beam Calculator
Case Study: Grooves
Bearing Calculator
Case Study: Bearing Calculator

Chapter 9: Using DriveWorksXpress
Using DriveWorksXpress
The DriveWorksXpress Wizard
Case Study: DriveWorksXpress
Creating a New Database
Using Capture Tools
Dimensions and Features
Custom Properties
Drawings and Configurations
Adding Forms
Creating Rules
Running Models
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