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DASI Solutions provides the highest quality services available.

MentoringCustom Mentoring
When making a software purchase, it is important to remember that the implementation is just as important as the technology itself. DASI Solutions offers a variety of services and tools to help our customers get the most from their technology investment. One of the key components is the customized mentoring services that any of our customers can take advantage of. The DASI Mentoring Program is conducted onsite at the customer’s facility, and is customized for each customer, or even to address the varying individual user needs.

Mentoring can not only help you to get up and running quickly, but more importantly to do so in an orderly fashion by implementing the proper design standards and procedures along the way. Mentoring is most effective when combined with classroom instruction through the various DASI Solutions training courses. Contact us to learn more about how our onsite mentoring programs can help your design team gain a competitive advantage.


ImplementationPDM Implementation
When implementing a PDM system there are a lot of important factors to consider. First and foremost are both the short and long term goals a given company may have for the system. The foundation of our PDM implementations begin with the DASI Solutions Quick Start Program. The Quick Start Program is designed to help engineering teams quickly gain the benefits of PDM in the shortest amount of time. This allows us to help your team share their CAD data from a secured vault location. In most cases, organizations can have the system installed, configured, tested and users trained in as little as 5 days. Any implementation that DASI Solutions conducts will be accompanied by phased project goals and timeline in order to track and measure the results.

Click here to learn more about the various PDM implementation options, or contact our This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .